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Wai-Chi Fang

Wai-Chi Fang received his B.Sc. from the Electronics Engineering Department at National Chiao-Tung University in 1978. He completed his M.Sc. in 1982 from State University of New York at Stony Brook and his Ph.D. in 1992 at University of Southern California. He is currently the TSMC Chair Professor of National Chiao-Tung University. From 1985 to 2007, he had been with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology. Dr. Fang’s subjects of interest include VLSI bio-medical microsystems, neural networks and intelligent systems, multimedia signal processing, wireless communication, sensor networks, and space integrated avionic systems. He has published over a hundred papers, patents and books. He is the recipient of 1995 IEEE VLSI Transactions Best Paper Award. He holds seven US patents and thirteen NASA new technologies. He is the recipient of NASA Certificates of Recognition for these creative technical innovations. He won the NASA Space Act award in 2002 and 2003. His inventions on advanced computing engines and data compression systems are used in space missions. 
Dr. Fang is an IEEE Fellow. He is an elected Governor of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and an AdCom member of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. He also serves as an officer of IEEE Systems Council as the Chairman of Transnational and Liaison Committee. Dr. Fang is the current Chairman of IEEE CASS Technical Committee on Nanoelectronics and Gigascale Systems. He serves on the Advisory Board of IEEE Systems Journal and the Advisory Board of International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information & Control. 
He served as Associated Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Systems (1997-1998), IEEE CASS Circuit and Device Magazine (1999-2000), IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2000-2001), and IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I (2002-2003). He was the general chairman of the 2006 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing. He served on Organization Committee and Technical Program Committee of many international conferences and workshops. 
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