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Pantelis Georgiou

Pantelis Georgiou received the M.Eng. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2004 and the Ph.D. degree in 2008 both from Imperial College London. He then moved to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering where he was appointed as a Research Fellow until joining academic faculty in 2011.
He is currently a lecturer within the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and is also the head of the Bio-inspired Metabolic Technology Laboratory in the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology and part of the Medical Engineering Solutions in Osteoarthritis Centre of Excellence.
His research includes bio-inspired circuits and systems, CMOS based lab-on-chip technologies and application of micro-electronic technology to create novel medical devices. He conducted pioneering work on the silicon beta cell and is now leading the project forward to the development of the first bio-inspired artificial pancreas for Type I diabetes. 
Dr Georgiou is a member of the IEEE and IET. He has been elected a member of the BioCAS and Sensory Systems Technical Committee of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.
Imperial College of London